About the Naturally Inspired Computation
Research Group

Our Research

Our group tackles complex challenging problems inspired by nature including biological systems and their social and physical behaviours.

These computational intelligent systems in general, and Evolutionary Algorithms, in particular, draw upon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and mimic, in an abstract sense, evolution.


Our theoretical studies complemented by empirical results are frequently used as a basis to tackle different and challenging real-world problems from Software Engineering, Board and Video Games, automatic design of deep neural networks as well as applications to combinatorial optimisation problems.

Research Members


Senior Staff Members

  • Dr. Liadh Kelly
  • Dr. Muhammad Salman Pathan

PhD Students

  • F. Valdez (Ph.D. Student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)
  • F. Stapleton (Ph.D. Student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)
  • H. Harish (Ph.D. Student, Supervisors: E. Galvan, Dr. P. Mooney)
  • P. Dutta (Ph.D. Student, Supervisors: Dr. E. Galvan, Prof. J. McDonald)
  • T. Perez (Ph.D. Student, Supersivors: Dr. P. Mooney, Dr. L. Kelly)
  • N. Pourshir Sefidi (Ph.D. Student, Supervisor: Dr. P. Mooney)
  • P. Gorry (Ph.D. Student, Supervisor: Dr. P. Mooney)

Former members

  • K. Shah (MSc student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)
  • P. Chaturvedi (MSc Student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)
  • G. Simpson (MSc Student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)
  • Ms. Oxana Gorshkova (MSc student, Supervisor: Dr. E. Galvan)


  • Dr. E. Real (Senior Researcher, Google Brain)
  • Prof. J. McDonald (Head of the Computer Vision Group, Maynooth University)
  • Prof. V. Torra (Chair of AI, Umeå University)
  • Prof. M. Schoenauer (Senior Researcher, INRIA, Paris-Saclay)
  • Prof. S. Clarke (Director, Future Cities, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Dr. C. Patsakis (Researcher, University of Piraeus)
  • Dr. L. Trujillo (Researcher, Instituto de Tijuana)

Research and Development Projects

We have raised over EURO 500K to support our research


2016 - 2013


Maynooth University

2020 - 2017

Irish Research Council

IRC 2017 - 2014

Marie Curie Actions

MCA 2017 - 2014

Science Foundation Ireland

2024 - 2019


Contact details


Naturally Inspired Computation Research Group,
Department of Computer Science,
Maynooth University,
Maynooth, Co. Kildare,


+353 (0) 1 474 3849
+353 (0) 1 474 7154